Spill The Paint

Spill The Paint

What's next for The Makery

Thirty days ago I couldn't wrap my head around how fast 2023 went by, and here we are on the eve of the last day in the first month of the new year. Ahh the new year filled with resolutions and new beginnings. I vowed not to hold myself to any irrational obligatory standards so instead I decided to re-prioritize my entire life's decisions instead.

Upon following my dreams of small business entrepreneurship over the last few years I woke up one morning and said "ok, time to pivot the business". Scariest decision I have made in a long time, but oh has the reward been ever so gratifying. Knowing I am not in the rat race of small business hustle has been validating. So what is next for The Makery on Lee?

Well, in a world that has become centered around technology, google searches, and frivolously spending at the tips of our fingers........WE ARE GOING ONLINE. Offering a majority of the same services and goods through online ordering with shipping straight to your front door. This transition will come with some hiccups and roadblocks I am sure, so please allow the staff some grace until we get the ball rolling.

Oh and we can now add BEST OF CAMDEN to our amazing wall of accolades. Thanks Camden County, well most of ya anyhow ;)

As always Stay Kind,

xx Ang


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